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What is a Real Estate Business?

It’s a profession in which you deal with buying, selling & renting properties.

Is a Real Estate Business Profitable?

It’s not as easy as it sounds but can be worth it if handle it with the right planning and intelligence.

Real Estate is not for everyone sometimes you work extremely hard but the transaction doesn’t go thru. But the best part of becoming a real estate agent is they help someone to find the right dream home for their family. In today’s world, everyone wants a perfect & comfortable life and you as a real estate agent help them to make it possible.

It’s considered as one of the most stressful jobs because you have to be willing to put lots of time at the beginning for – very little money. Your success can also depends on the broker that you sign with and its equally important to have a good relationship with an honest broker.

The problem is in such a competitive industry you have to see things in terms of Data /Analytics/Money since it’s so volatile.

It’s a Good Career Choice If you:-


. You have a large number of friends and contacts

. If you are an extrovert person & have no hesitation to talk to strangers & can deal with different personalities of people

. You have to be extremely disciplined & Intelligent enough to plan your work in the right way.

. Can deal with challenges & can take risks because there is a lot of rejection in the business

It’s Not a Good Career Choice If you:-

. Aren’t willing to work extremely hard

. You are not comfortable in dealing with different personalities

. You are an Introvert person and doesn’t like to talk with


. Can’t take risk in the business and handle the rejection or loss in income

. Can’t deal with challenges

So conclusion is if you have skills you can do this job without taking stress

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