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7 Common Thoughts About Real Estate Company

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Food, Clothing & Shelter, 3 basic need of mankind. “Shelter” being one of them is now a days also called as real estates. Real estates, being one of the oldest forms of doing business. Right from the beginning of human evolution to this modern age world, real estate’s business has been evolved in different forms.

If you are thinking of consulting a real estate company to search for your dream house, here are some facts that you should look for before selecting one.


If you are looking for a real estate company, first thought that should come to your mind is to visit the website of that company. Website are made to tell the tales, about the company’s background and the business they do. If the company is genuine, everything that you need to know is updated on the same. EX:Shriratnam GroupsProjects location, pricings, and amenities and so on.


You get to know about the recent property listings on the page. Where you can also find your dream homes. So one should always look for the listing that the company has updated.

Ex. Visit Shriratnam group website for on going property listings


In today’s era, social media plays a vital role to grow a business. Similarly, active social media pages, say Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are the platform that you should be looking for before evaluating a company. If a company has active pages and post regular updates, that means the company is well known and you are into good hands.

ü  Ex. Visit Shriratnam group social media pages.

  1. BLOGS

One should always read blogs about the company. By reading blogs about the company you get to know more about the company such as Insights, statistics,results and trends. Blogs also helps to get information about the surroundings, locality, and location of the property. Blogs are short contents that describes about the contents of the properties.

Ex. Visit Shriratnam group website & read the blogs.


Always look for market research reports, it will give you real time reports on local attractions, restaurants, schools, day-cares, etc. Perhaps, this is also an effective medium for you to showcase your yearly business statistics, the types and number of properties you have sold, or client feedbacks.


If you want to know more about the company at almost no cost, then reading forums is the easiest way. You can read multiple articles on forums which will clear your view about the company. Plus, forums are one of the digital channels that can help you figure out whether you want to invest or not.


Client testimonials are the most important aspects that you should look for while selecting a real estate company. Clients share there written testimonials, reviews which will eventually help you to figure out if you want to invest in the project or not.

Ex. Visit Shriratnam group website and read the testimonials

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The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

It’s not just about the Covid pandemic; real estate is regarded as a stable asset class and a preferred investment option, particularly in a volatile market environment. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s House Price Index, which tracks home prices in ten major cities, real estate has returned an average of 11.6 percent per year over the last ten years. This is higher than the 11 percent return offered by the stock market.

Points Of Validation:

Households in India have a strong desire for real estate. According to a July 2017 RBI Household Finance Committee Survey, the average Indian family owns 77 percent of their total assets in real estate. Residential buildings, buildings used for farm and non-farm activities, recreational facility construction, and land are all examples. Since 2014, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed investors to invest in commercial real estate.

It is said that you should invest like the wealthy. In India, the wealthy invest primarily in commercial and residential real estate portfolios. According to UBS, a global bank, about 16% of the assets managed by family offices are invested in real estate globally. According to their most recent annual family office survey, real estate acquisition and management are critical for the first and second generations. It isn’t just a phenomenon in India. Investing, according to this column, is solely about equity assets. The remaining asset classes are all about capital preservation.

REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are a new type of real estate investment. These are stock exchange-traded units that look like mutual funds. REITs invest in real estate assets that generate rental income, such as shopping malls, office buildings, and apartment buildings.

Investing in the real estate sector in the next two years, according to real estate experts, is a big yes. The year 2021 is thought to have tremendous potential for both the residential and commercial real estate industries. Co-ed office space has grown in popularity in most cities in recent years, with IT/ITeS companies accounting for the majority of the demand.

Why Is India’s Real Estate Investment the Most Reliable?

In India, real estate investors have a number of distinct advantages:

With the rise of bank scams, keeping all of your money in a bank is no longer a safe bet.

It is possible to steal gold. As a result, it is not only a risky investment, but it also puts the lives of gold owners in jeopardy by making them vulnerable to loot and attack.

The stock market is similarly unpredictably volatile. Stock value growth can be slow and time-consuming, and it is highly susceptible to market risks.

Investing in startups is also a risky proposition, as 90 percent of startups fail, according to research. If you want to multiply your money, investing in startups is not the best option. The answer is real estate investment for entrepreneurs.

As a result, real estate investment is by far the best option for securing your future, growing your wealth, and safeguarding your hard-earned money.

Home Loan Rates That Are Beneficial:

Residential property prices in India have mostly remained stable over the last 5-6 years, putting them within reach of customers. The current market conditions are favorable for home purchases because interest rates on home loans are at an all-time low. The reduction in home loan interest rates following COVID has become a major motivator for end-users to purchase a home. Furthermore, the RBI recently announced a reduction in the REPO rate, making home loans even more affordable. This is a positive step because more investments will help the sector grow and generate more cash flow. The Indian rupee is currently depreciating against other currencies in the current situation.

Way Forward:

The Indian real estate market is one of the economy’s mainstays, and it is the country’s second-largest employer after agriculture. As many as 220 allied sectors are deeply intertwined with the sector. The sector currently accounts for nearly 9% of the economy and is expected to grow to nearly 16% by 2025 if all reform measures announced are successfully implemented. In recent decades, the sector has been one of the most significant wealth creators.

If you plan to include real estate in your investment portfolio, now is the time to start visualising and planning for a better future, in my opinion. It’s the perfect time to invest your liquid cash in the most promising investment option in the near future, thanks to brands that are here to redefine real estate and make it the most promising investment option.

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The Benefits of Investing in Jaipur Real Estate

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan and also known as the “pink city,” is one of the country’s fastest growing cities. Previously, the city was only known for its beautiful heritage hotels and gem and jewelry businesses; however, it now has some incredible residential and commercial properties. It is relatively simple for real estate developers to construct apartments and villas in Jaipur because it is a planned city. There are a number of reasons why real estate in Jaipur is currently booming.

Points of Validation:

  • Because Jaipur is a planned city, the city’s foundation was laid after careful planning and thorough research. As a result, even if a slew of new projects spring up in Jaipur, the city will remain relatively uncongested.
  • In contrast to some of India’s major cities, there are wide and smooth roads, a clean and green environment, uncongested space, and less pollution here.
  • In addition, many multinational corporations, such as Honda and CocaCola, are investing in the city, increasing job opportunities for Jaipur residents.
  • The city is also known for having some of the best schools, colleges, hospitals, and other necessities of life in the world. Beautiful parks, community centers, and shopping malls are also available, providing yet another reason for people to invest in real estate. In terms of amenities, Jaipur now provides fewer than any other Indian city
  • The city has cutting-edge infrastructure with first-rate amenities such as reliable water and electricity, as well as adequate security with CCTV and fire alarms in both residential and commercial buildings.
  • The city provides easy and seamless connectivity to all of the nearby major cities via road and rail, making travel convenient for residents.

Residential plots on the Jaipur-Ajmer highway are also available, with flats ranging in size from 4 BHK to 1 BHK. Apart from these, people looking for a perfect dream home can choose from villas, penthouses, built-up floors, and independent houses. Several well-known real estate agents are investing in Jaipur in order to provide high-end housing to the city’s residents.

Some of the characteristics that distinguish Jaipur as a top investment destination include:

  • Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, India’s largest state, and one of the country’s fastest growing Tier II cities.
  • Jaipur has several international airports with flights to all major Indian and international destinations.
  • It’s on the Golden Quadrilateral, which is being upgraded to become the National Express Way.
  • With a population of 12 million people and a land area of 600 square kilometers, Jaipur is on track to become a Mega City by 2027.
  • A whopping $4 billion is expected to be invested.
  • New Delhi, India’s capital, is a counter magnet.
  • On the Delhi-Mumbai Highway, the city is 2-4 hours away from Delhi.
  • Jaipur is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. It is estimated that nearly 70% of foreign tourists visiting India pass through Jaipur.
  • Colored gemstones, sterling silver jewelry, handicrafts, carpets, apparel, traditional footwear, marble & stone artefacts, engineering goods, and other items are all exported from the city.
  • It is one of Mahindra & Mahindra’s Special Economic Zone joint ventures with RIICO on 3500 hectares of land.
  • It’s also a rapidly growing health-care destination, with Reliance Group’s Medicity in the works.
  • The upcoming metro link will be a bonus.
  • It is a developing IT/ITES destination, with major players such as Genpact, Infosys Progeon, and others already based there.

Way Forward:

Jaipur is one of India’s most popular property investment destinations. In Jaipur, land is one of the best types of real estate investment. It gives you more freedom in designing your dream home. Furthermore, it is less expensive than residential homes and provides a higher return on investment. You will also save money on property taxes and maintenance costs if you buy a house.


Kaivalyam- The Best Residential Location in Jaipur

Shri Ratnam Group is a Jaipur-based real estate developer. We have residential flats, villas, and apartments that are ready to move in. We create the most reliable and long-lasting projects for our residents because we have more than 5 years of experience in the real estate business. We hire professionals to create beautiful, long-lasting dream homes for our clients. We provide our clients with homes that are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, ensuring their safety in the event of a natural disaster. We go to great lengths to make your home more secure and promising.

We have been serving our clients for more than 5 years, so we are familiar with their current needs and market trends. As a result, we build dream homes with all of our future residents’ specific needs in mind. Shri Ratnam Group has successfully completed a number of large housing projects. We strive to improve our customers’ living spaces by prioritizing their satisfaction and comfort.

Kaivalyam Villas:

Kaivalyam Villas: It is a lavished 3BHK fully furnished villas project with all modern amenities, such as a gated community with three tier security, water, sewage, rain water harvesting for the entire colony, fully occupied colony, garden facility, temple, 100 sqyds 3 bhk fully luxurious villas with wardrobes in all rooms, AC pipe fitting, fully modular kitchen with RO, chimney, and a fully occupied colony.

Drawing Area:

Our specialists exclusively design solutions to ensure a definite space mood while incorporating in perfect symmetry materials with rich and spicy colours.

Dining Room:

When your friends and relatives visit, the tastefully designed dining room will make you proud of your home. The openness of the entire space allows you to customize your furniture to your preferences.

Kitchen Area:

A well-designed fully modular kitchen with all of the necessary electric appliances will provide plenty of room to work and move around.

Bedroom Area:

The beautifully designed bedroom, which is well ventilated for fresh air, will undoubtedly provide you with a calm and relaxing environment in which to unwind after a long day. It’s your private space.


  • Kitchen Modular with Wall Mounted Cabinets (Specifications) Water purifier, Electronic Chimney RO
  • Marble/Vitrified Stone Flooring
  • Granite work surface, stainless steel sink, and a geyser for hot and cold water supply
  • Dadi above the working platform is a 2ft ceramic tile wall.
  • Internal Putty of a reputable brand, Plastic Emulsion Plant
  • Externally, the exterior is exquisitely designed.
  • High Quality Italian Texture, Double Charge Tiles for Drawing/Dining/Bedroom Flooring
  • Designer ceramic tiles up to 7ft height for bathroom walls
  • Ceramic tiles of excellent quality for flooring
  • All toilets will be equipped with branded WCs, washbasins, and bath fixtures.
  • Telephone/Dish/Computer Points at Appropriate Locations in All Rooms.
  • Modular Electrical Switches Electrical Fittings
  • Telecommunications
  • Branded copper wiring in hidden conduits, a sufficient number of sockets, lights, fans, and a fancy light in the false ceiling All rooms have air conditioning
  • Granite Staircase with Stainless Steel Railing
  • Earthquake resistance of the structure RCC frame structure according to structural consultant’s design
  • Obtaining Water Water is distributed throughout the complex via overhead and underground tanks.